Gregory Serpanchy - Mrkt.Frsh.Tattoo
Utilizing sensibilities found in graphic design, mathematic divisions of space, eastern arts, and nature, I create decorative designs for my clients.

With a preference for forms of repetition, symbolism and bold line aesthetics combined with various stippling, line, and shading techniques, I apply my craft with a strong bias for black, black, and BLACK ink.

I feel that tattooing is a form of communication, allowing the wearer to visually depict their personal message on their skin, bringing what the bearer wants to say to the surface. Like a personal logo, designs can be created with a visual articulation, to personify the ideals of the client’s visions, and catch the viewer’s eye.

I enjoy working in tandem with my clients to create meaningful custom-tattoos that speak of the design bearer, using a bold, symbolic, visual language.

With the ultimate goal of delivering well-constructed, clean tattoos, I look forward to working with my clients on their tattoo endeavors.